Ricky McNamar


Ricky McNamar

Ricky hired on with Latshaw in 2011 and currently leads as a Drilling Superintendent over numerous rigs. Growing up on a farm, he worked on tractors and farm machinery until high school, when he had an opportunity to make some extra money during the summer working on a drilling rig. The work ethic on the farm transferred to the rig, and the oil and gas industry quickly became his passion and career.

When asked what attracted him to work on a drilling rig, he said, “The atmosphere and the crew’s bond toward each other.” Ricky reflects on that first crew and says, “They made me feel comfortable and part of the team. When you go through the good times and the rough times with a crew, you create a bond you don't want to break up."

Ricky broke out on his first crew with an incredible Driller, who he says influenced many of the traits he has today. He helped Ricky learn that you can take your job seriously but still have fun, never panic when under pressure, and how you can get everyone to relax and maintain a positive atmosphere when the job gets tense. Most importantly, never use anger when addressing your crew. "When working through issues, never raise your voice and never use fear when motivating." Ricky was taught that, as a leader, you should be firm but fair.

That caring attitude from his Driller continued off the job as the crew all spent time together after a hard day on the rig. Ricky recalls that no one was left out of a conversation in the bunkhouse and that praise for each crew member was vital. He was taught to praise a crew member in a place where that person is the most comfortable: their job setting.

When he's not at work, Ricky has a unique hobby: building and racing sprint cars. Just like his dad and grandfather had, Ricky has a son and two daughters that enjoy spending time together working on cars and racing on the weekend. While one might assume the excitement is only behind the wheel, he also says his passion is building engines and working on the car to get it race ready. “I build it, and if I tear it up, I fix it.” Ricky has a caring heart and enjoys creating relationships on the job, at home with family, and with the people he meets daily. n