Chad Klapp


Chad Klapp

Chad Klapp started his oilfield career in 2007, spending his first four years in production before shifting to the drilling industry. He joined Latshaw Drilling in 2016, working on multiple rigs and different positions before joining the Field Safety Representative (FSR) team in 2022.

Chad says: “Latshaw Drilling was a welcomed change coming from a drilling contractor where you only felt like a name and number.” He says the highlight of his career at Latshaw was becoming part of a brotherhood on his crew, which he describes as a team that works hard together and, more importantly, has a caring attitude toward each other. "When you are out in the elements and difficult conditions, having a crew that cares for each other and supports one another does wonders."

Chad understands the importance of a new hire’s first few days on the rig. As an FSR visiting multiple rigs, he strives to help cultivate a culture where you are immediately accepted as part of the family. “Speaking openly and the ability for a crew to joke and have fun with each other is important. It builds a bond.” Chad’s approach to the daily grind on the rig is to work hard, work safely, and watch over each other.

Chad continues that caring attitude on his days off by spending as much time as possible with his family. He has been married to his wife, Tonya, for nine years and has two daughters: Claire, age twelve, and Madison, age 13. “Just like building a bond on the rig, building that bond with the family is even more important.” When he gets personal time, he enjoys doing what he loves: playing music. He received his first guitar from his uncle when he was eight years old and started out learning the notes to his favorite songs. Chad has been in and out of about ten bands through the years. His vocals and guitar playing led him to start a mixing studio to record his songs. He now has his own company, Infinite Wave Records, where he does recording, mixing, mastering, and sound design for hire. He mixes anything from country, rock, or his favorite genre, metal. He says: “If you have a sound in mind, I can make it into a video, song, or whatever you want.”