John Nievar


John Nievar

If you have ever encountered John Nievar, whether on a drilling rig, spending personal time with him, or meeting him for the first time, you know he is a passionate man. Like many of us, his passion comes from his vast life experiences. When asked the most important thing about him, John says: “First and foremost, God gets the glory for every breath I take and every step I take.”

John joined Latshaw Drilling in 2014, working for operations on multiple rigs. He says he has been a part of some very dynamic crews and considers comradery to be very important. “I believe that one of the strongest attributes that make a great crew is a caring attitude. I wish that everyone on the job and off the job would treat each other with respect because everyone matters. Crews that rely on each other professionally and personally create a brotherhood that can often be stronger than blood relation.”

In 2016 and again in December of 2021, John became part of the Field Safety Representative (FSR) team at Latshaw Drilling. As an FSR, John says it became very real when one of his oilfield brothers was hurt on the job. He learned from this incident and focused his respect for safety by helping crew members develop a positive safety culture. Authenticity is important to John; he does not hesitate to speak up. It is his desire and passion to build morale by always acknowledging the rig hands and their strong points, making the best of every situation, and being as supportive as possible. “Leave the politics behind and be a family.”

When John is not giving everything he has at work, he gives 100% to his artwork during his days off. If you have ever received or have seen his artwork, you will know he has a unique gift. One of his specialties is telling someone’s personal story through paintings on cow skulls. It took one person to show off a painted skull they received, and it created a snowball effect. John says: “Now there ain’t enough dead cows to keep up with.” He also enjoys painting Christian-themed murals on buildings and painting turkey feathers to hand out. John says he turned to art to help him cope with the pain and sorrow after losing a son. “Painting is an out-of-this-world experience,” he says. While creating art, he is able to escape to a place by himself, unless someone needs a listening ear or a prayer. John is no longer taking his second chance in life for granted. “I owe it all to God’s glory!”