Frank Miller


Frank Miller

Frank Miller, also known as ‘Duce,’ started his career at Latshaw Drilling in 2010. Working his way up from a Floorhand to a Driller, he was later promoted to Rig Manager in 2022 on Rig 9. Frank has a very down-to-earth approach to his leadership style. “Lead by example, whether right next to your crew, shoulder to shoulder, or giving advice.”

Whether in a professional or personal setting, one must be authentic to achieve respect, and Frank strives to be that type of person. He wants people to know that he is always a phone call away for anyone who needs an open mind or a listening ear and aims to create an environment where people feel comfortable asking questions. Frank says, “I always try to see the positive, even in negative situations.” When asked about morale on his rig, Frank replied that it is maintained by always showing respect toward others, feeding his crews, and joking around. However, he knows when it is time to joke around and when it is time to go to work. His advice for those breaking out in the oilfield: “Keep your head down and work, concentrate one day at a time, one job at a time, don’t overthink or overload yourself, and keep it simple.”

Frank has been married to his beautiful wife, Rachel, for twelve years and has three children. How does he describe his kids? “Two beautiful and athletic girls that play softball in the spring and one awesome son playing T-ball in the spring.” He says spring is when things start warming up, and he can do family activities outside.

On his days away from the rig, he spends time on his other passion: cars. “Anything automotive, from classics to current models, except diesels,” Frank shared. One of his favorite activities is LS swaps on vehicles. “It’s like breathing in new life to something old.” He also likes flipping cars, a hobby he enjoys so much that he started an automotive business with his dad. Just like the importance of integrity on the rig and being fair to his crew, Frank treats his customers the same. While Frank is very goal driven and takes pride in working on the rig or at his automotive shop, his true pride and joy is his family.