Our great country has depended on developing our oil & gas resources since 1859, when Col. Edwin Drake established what now has become this nation’s foundation of advanced energy exploration technology.

The energy industry is instrumental in defending the basic beliefs of our founding fathers found in The Declaration of Independence, by securing our rise to industrial leadership throughout two world wars and ongoing missions.

Our quality of life is among the best, because of our commitment to defend basic human freedoms and the role our domestic energy industry plays in providing abundant and affordable energy.


Our company has the dependable skills and equipment to serve the vitally important work of exploration; to help discover and bring energy to markets that both heat and cool our homes and businesses; to fuel the commerce of this nation and power our military required to defend it.

What defines us are our deep core beliefs; the intrinsic value of our people and our commitment to American energy independence.  It all starts with vision, determination and persistence.


Our experienced leadership team has endured the many business cycles of the energy industry by relying on guiding principles derived from concrete foundations of faith, a love for our country and unwavering commitment to doing what is right.

We provide the training, resources and support necessary to empower our people to make the best decisions regarding their safety, health and protecting the environment.