Nathanial Bailey


Nathanial Bailey

As time passes, it brings along a new generation of workers. For years, this shift has allowed Latshaw Drilling to benefit from giving later generations a new career in the oil and gas industry. So, what does a Generation Z oilfield worker look like? Rig 44’s Derrickhand Nathanial (Nate) Bailey would say, "That person looks like me." Recommended by Rig 44's night Rig Manager, Timothy Beals, Nate started with Latshaw Drilling in June of 2021 as a New to Industry Floorhand (NTI) Trainee.

Nate is very goal-oriented and proves that every day. In less than two years, he graduated from the NTI program as a trainee, worked as a Floorhand, and was promoted to Derrickhand. When asked about his current goals, he said, "I'm coming after that drilling job; I want it pretty bad." The good news for people like Nate is that his rig, and many others at Latshaw, is always ready to cross-train. His peers are already teaching him about drilling and practicing formulas. Nate says, “I try to learn new things daily and ask as many questions as possible.”

Nate also has natural leadership abilities. On a recent rig move, one of his Rig Managers saw him taking the initiative to team up with the other crew members to plan what they needed to do next. The Rig Manager said, "We didn't have to tell them what to do.” Nate is more than willing in his Derrickhand position to collaborate with his crew, provide guidance, and help others as needed. "I have to be able to set a good example, whether people are watching or not. I want others to be able to count on me if they need help with something.”

Although he currently lives in Texas, Nate grew up in Montana. One of his favorite past times that he still enjoys today is fishing. He also has a personal goal to learn about real estate. While he has not started a family yet, he said, "I'm waiting to pop that question one day in the future." Until then, he can count on his new oilfield family to continue teaching and motivating him.