World Record Partnership

Rig 32 & 33 Continue Great Performance 

Central Oklahoma Rigs 12-6-15 196a

Colby King-AEW Drilling Superintendent said it best, “In less than two years the AEW team along with the help of Latshaw have advanced this program into the global records books. The willingness of the hands to succeed as we push them forward mirror that of our beloved founder Aubrey.” That ability to inspire and motivate others will be the lasting legacy of Aubrey McClendon. The deep emotions of loss are felt by many. What determines the future is our daily efforts as Operators and Contractors, working as unified teams to advance the energy industry. We have been very fortunate to build a remarkable business relationship with the outstanding people of AEW’s Oklahoma operations. Those efforts have established both “Oklahoma & World drilling records”, including the most lateral footage drilled in a 24 hour period. Latshaw Rig 32 achieved this world record by drilling 8,197 ft in 24 hours on (12/8-12/9/15), while drilling the Duncan 2-11-18N-2E 1WH well.. Rig 33 drilled the fastest Mississippi well to date, the Kinder 4-16N-4E 2MH
(12/11-12/16/16), on a footage per day basis, completing the well in 6.4 days. Both Latshaw Rigs have now drilled over 500,000 feet of hole for AEW and continue to provide outstanding performance.  20160305_124100

We extend sincere appreciation to AEW and Latshaw people who daily strive to achieve excellence:
Joe Craig-CEO of AEW Operations, Jared Arney-Drilling Manager, Colby King-Drilling Superintendent, Casey Miller-Drilling Superintendent, Chad Poole-Consultant, Mark Place-Consultant,Leland McCalip-Consultant, Shawn Lackey-Consultant,

Monty White-Consultant, Matt Laird-Consultant & Matt Duperroir-Sr.Engineer Technician. 20160305_145142
Lathaw Rig 32 leadership; Heath Baldwin & Albert Smith-Rig Managers.

Latshaw Rig 33 leadership; Brandon Sizemore & Odis Crow-Rig Managers.OKLA, Rigs 39, 12, 33, 32 and Stillwater yard 193aOKLA, Rigs 39, 12, 33, 32 and Stillwater yard 294


Thank you to our rig crews on 32 & 33: They are the real backbone of our company.
Rig 32-William Bailey, Jonathan Baron, Jason Bowers, George Butler, Gary Crenshaw, Daniel Gosvener, Bradley Haile, Jackie Harris, Cody Horner, Chance Judkins, Jimmy Lusk, Ricky McCarroll, Nathan McLean, Frank Miller, Servando Rascon-Ramirez, Michael Riley, Gary Beason, Donald Russell, Royston Slate, and John Smith.
Rig 33-Jerry Beall Jr., Rion Boren, Zackary Fitzpatrick, Ted Hall, Raymond Henderson, Coy Hendrix, Buford Hocking, Jared Keen, Farron Kilburn, Jason Martinez, Joseph Mitchell, John Nievar, Jonathon Pruitt, Froylan Reyna-Vazquez, Spencer Richards, Donald Riley, William Robertson, Michael Southern, Lorenzo Valdovinos, Clynt Wiles and Randall Wilson.

Latshaw AEW Drilling Operations are lead by: Joey Stockton-Operations Manager & Shane Bodey-Drilling Superintendent. Special thanks goes out to all the Latshaw maintenance staff and field safety representatives that provide round the clock assistance to keep our equipment and people performance on target. We extend our sincere appreciation to Bill Cobb, Latshaw’s Executive VP Marketing & Sales for his many years of dedication to the drilling business. Without question, our ability to earn that first opportunity, has resulted in the team efforts of American Energy Woodford and Latshaw Drilling Company to produce dynamic results.