The flowing southeastern Oklahoma Arkoma Basin is filled with forest of Post Oak, Blackjack and peaceful still waters, all providing the warm and treasured habitats Rig 42 evening October 14, 2015 002 for diverse wildlife. This environment is where many of our Rig 42 teams have families, homes and sustaining communities which play significant roles in our successful operations. Our BP partnership for Rig 42 started back in April NOV Rig 45 and Rig 42 Oct 6 & 7th, 2015 063aof 2015 and to date has drilled over 12 producible wells, totaling well over 100,000 feet of hole. The Phillips 3-28H set a record, as the most cost effective and efficient time to depth well for BP Lower 48 Arkoma Basin endeavors. As of this writing, Rig 42 just beat this impressive curve. We are exceptionally proud of the men and service companies who have helped us achieve this remarkable performance. It is important to acknowledge everyone’s efforts, anRig 42 presentation, NOV & Perkins Sept 15&16 022ad we extend particular appreciation to Leam Drilling Systems, Inc and their rig site leadership provided by Glen Lipsey & Jonathan Douglas. Under the leadership of Butch Skeen-President, Leam has provided the directional skill sets that play a major role in drilling time and curve integrity performance. Our hatsRig 42 presentation, NOV & Perkins Sept 15&16 016 are off to all service companies who we count on. Without question, the hard work of Latshaw rig crews are the dependable bedrock that propels performance. We extend sincere BP Phillips #3-28H Well Curveappreciation to our outstanding people:

Rig Managers Cody Womack and Chad Butler, and Rig Superintendent Shane Bodey and FSRs.

Thank you to our rig crews:

Chris Alcorn, Timothy Beals, Gary Beason, Justin Brown, Calvin Brown, Danny Bullard, Nathaniel Chadwell, Justin Forrest, Christopher Gray, Bret LaMonda, Mathew Locke, Jamie McCloskey, Ryan Meigs, Jeremy Miller, Mykel Ojeda, Guadalupe Perez, Jamie Ramsey, Anthony Rocha, Jack Schleter, Cory Shettleworth, Joshua Urchison, Dustin Wheat, and Jody Williams.

We extend sincere appreciation to BP Lower 48 people; VP Drilling Midcon-Ross Murphy, Bob Grady, and Christopher Born, Mike Norris, Dough Johnson, Charles Wiseman, Cindy Gillies, Chris Hines, Diana Khoury and Ron Brogdon.

Additional appreciation is extended to field supervisors: Danny Chaney-Field Superintendent

and Company Men,Casey Taylor, Jackie Holbrook, Matt Dodson, Lucas Jackson and Adam Branscum.