Rig 8 spudded their first well for Element Petroleum in June of 2013, in what now seems like a unique part of history. Rig construction programs were going full tilt, rig crews were beginning to become harder to Latshaw Rig 8staff and crude oil prices were hovering in the 100 dollar range. The starkest reminder of our many blessings can be found through a quick late evening drive north of Big Springs, Texas. The horizon, once peppered by dozens of brightly lit rigs, now has only three, all from Latshaw Drilling Company, two of which work for Element Petroleum. It is a defining testament to the determination and performance of Latshaw drilling people of all talents, who have delivered performance.
What makes our customer so very appreciated is their strength and determination to push forward, even as market conditions changed dramatically. Through Element’s concerted efforts, Rig 8 teams have now drilled over 325,000’ of producible hole, but more importantly, our crew teams and their families, plus the many service companiWest TX Rig 5, 8 & 20 Sept 9, 2015 106Rig 8 and Rig 19 August 2, 2015 071es and Element Company representatives and families, have also maintained livelihoods. Today, with over 1,100 land rigs stacked, the blessings for many must be acknowledged. With gratitude, we extend our sincere appreciation to all of Element’s office and field teams.
The hard work of many make our drilling operations possible and we take pride inacknowledging several of these vital people:
Element Management, Todd Gibson- President/CEO, Eric Hopper-VP Operations, Jamie Small-VP, Jiri Klubal,and Taylor Sell-Land Manager. New Tech Global Consultants: Howell “Hal” Winters, Larry Martinez, Roger Day and Buddy Davis have provided outstanding rig site supervision. Recently Element also benefited from ArcLight Captial Partners Fund VI, which invested with Element to find, develop and acquire oil and gas reserves and production, in the Permian Basin. West TX Rig 5, 8 & 20 Sept 9, 2015 103
To date Element has drilled more than 300 wells on more than 120,000 acres in the Permian.
The hum of rig operations is our cornerstone and it is specifically the hard work of rig crews and their leadership that makes it possible. From the searing summer heat and drenching West Texas thunderstorms, to the frozen Texas winter winds, these men deliver quality work. You simply cannot over emphasize how consistent performance produces deliverable well-bores. Regardless of our country’s goals of alternative energy, we are dependent upon hydrocarbons for decades to come. It is through our abilities to meet these demands, that we ensure continuation of the energy that provides our working environments and sustains our families and provides our country’s military protection. We sincerely appreciate and extend well earned recognition to the men and women that continue Latshaw Drilling’s exceptional level of dedication to its customers!

Latshaw Rig 8 teams are led by Rig Managers Tommy Lindsey and Andy Garza. Complimenting them are Rig Superintendents Bruce Slover, Troy Carroll and our experienced Field Safety Representatives, Doug Mitchell and Doug Davis.
The Rig Crew teams, who are the backbone of operations are:

Jamie Daigle, Robert Garza, Ricky Wilson, Anthony Fernandez, Zachary Johnston, Joe Hogan, Jared Swartz, Trinity Stanfield, Justin Hass, Robert Williams, Larry Bennett, Kevin Anderson, John Wenker, Bobby Boney, Brenton Cearley, Dustin Walker, Jeremy Abbott, Zackry Munoz and Jared Swartz.

Our sincere appreciation goes to all these great people for their continued efforts to help generate world-wide energy needs for the future.