Management Team

The Foundation of Latshaw Drilling.

Diversity and common sense solutions are core characteristics of Latshaw employees. From the rig, field and support positions, our talent comes full circle to provide exceptional customer service in the drilling industry.

New growth has increased Latshaw’s pool of talented professionals, but it is the continued growth and time-tested knowledge of our industry veterans that propel Latshaw Drilling into the future. At the rig, field and office, our professional staff pledges commitment to personal safety, equipment maintenance and fulfilling customer needs.

Latshaw Drilling depends on all employees to accomplish our goals, but we would like to highlight some of our diverse management team.

Trent Latshaw

Trent leads a diverse and well qualified team of industry professionals, who provide administrative and operations support to our southwestern USA operations. With a Petroleum Engineering degree from Texas A&M University, his career began in Alaska with Parker Drilling Company and evolved to Drilling Engineer and Rig Foreman for Atlantic Richfield Company, (ARCO). Trent’s unrelenting and determined focus, has provided the guiding leadership and equipment excellence to propel Latshaw Drilling Company forward.

Mark Cochran
Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President

Mark Cochran dove head first into the drilling industry in 2006. He was well prepared for the task, bringing his many years of experience at industry titan Firestone. Utilizing his two degrees from the University of Central Oklahoma and Northeastern State University, plus a world-class financial background, he has used his unique abilities to help others achieve their potential. Mark’s leadership skills have become invaluable cornerstones of Latshaw Drilling’s foundation, aligning the goals and successes between rigs, field and office.

Bill Cobb
Executive Vice President Marketing/Sales

Bill joined the Latshaw Drilling team in 2010, bringing 40 years of industry experience gained from Viersen & Cochran Drilling, Honeymon Drilling and extensive time at Unit Drilling Company. His in-depth working knowledge of major and independent energy company contracts and key people at those companies, has built lasting business relationships through continued stewardship and unrivaled customer service.  The drilling industry would not be where it is today without great people like Bill who support its growth. His understanding of important industry issues and lasting commitment to virtuous business friendships is paramount to Latshaw Drilling’s future success.

Steve McCoy
Vice President-Contracts

Steve McCoy moved to Latshaw Drilling in 2013, after a dedicated 26 year career with the original Cactus Drilling Co and Patterson-UTI, he has brought valued and respected followings from many Permian Basin Clients. Steve’s 38 years of industry knowledge and his West Texas heritage allows him to relate firsthand to daily issues our customers face. Steve hardly meets a stranger, and when he does, he is able to reach out and create a lasting friendship. We value his knowledge of our industry and its people – which makes him a key presence on the Latshaw Permian Basin team.

Joseph Hudson
Director-Business Development

Joseph recently joined Latshaw Drilling to compliment our growing industry presence. He brings our company a solid and experienced drilling industry background covering a wide range of marketing and direct operations experience. Joseph graduated from Texas Tech University in 2002, with a BA in Business Management. His prior career encompassed over 12 years at Nabors Drilling USA where he advanced from field operations in the Ark-La-Tex region, established the Nabors DFW area marketing office, then promoted to District Manager for Nabors Ark-La-Tex operations and subsequently served in Nabors Corporate offices in contract mgmt.. His experience strengthens our Latshaw Team of dedicated men and women..

Joey Stockton
Operations Manager

Joey joined Latshaw Drilling’s team in 2007, bringing his expansive knowledge gained through hands-on experience at Nabors Industries and Keen Energy. Joey’s focus on the technical and engineering aspects of the business, while also focusing on superior customer service are crucial to Latshaw’s success. His diligent leadership of rig and field operations brings true value to the company.  Trent and Joey take a team approach to problem solving and getting the job done right.

Sarah Wass
Human Resources Manager

Sarah joined Latshaw Drilling’s team in 2012 after graduating with her Bachelors in Psychology and Masters of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Tulsa in 2011. Her first position was as a Recruiter and subsequently earned the position of Workforce Manager in November of 2013. Her dependability and focus on attracting and maintaining Latshaw career based employees is a valued asset.

Cody Ashley
HSE Director

Cody joined Latshaw Drilling in 2010, after cultivating a reputation as one of the highly regarded HSE professionals serving the oil and gas drilling industry. His diverse background includes agriculture, marketing and over 13 years of oil and gas drilling experience. Seven of those years were working on Nabors rigs where he was directly involved with safety training . His understanding of leadership and people is clearly evident in Latshaw’s health, safety and environmental focus and company culture. Cody is always available to collaborate and provide genuine concern for the well being of Latshaw team members. We admire his commitments to integrity and his abilities to guide our team of field safety personnel.

Travis Hickey
Maintenance Manager

Travis joined the Latshaw team in 2009, allowing our company to gain vital, real-world mechanical talent, developed over a 15 year oil field career. He has earned the wisdom from direct involvement in 24/7/365 requirements of the drilling environment from actually twisting wrenches and supervising mechanical services required to keep rigs operational. The valued time Travis spent with Patterson-UTI and NOV provided vital foundations directly from industry veterans who took the time for guidance and mentoring.  Those lessons now guide his leadership of our electrical, mechanical and top drive departments.  His team of professionals deal with all aspects of today’s more sophisticated AC systems, dependable SCR systems and legacy drilling equipment.

Don Caffey
Training Manager

Don came on board at Latshaw Drilling with the Keen acquisition in 2005.  He originally joined Keen Drilling in 2007 and brought 22 years of experience from both the public and private sectors. 15 years of that experience were with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) as a state trooper, serving both Oklahoma Governorship Security and occupational safety and training leadership. After finishing his Master’s Degree in 2004, Don redirected his focus to the drilling industry as a safety and training professional. Today, he leads all areas of Latshaw’s knowledge based, job and career training, focused on work-site skills for our field and support teams.

Chelsea Holloway
Risk Manager

Chelsea joined the Latshaw Drilling team in 2010, as she pursued her Bachelor’s Degree at Northeastern State University. After her graduation in 2011, she worked closely with our tenured risk management, gaining the required knowledge for her promotion to Risk Coordinator and subsequently to her present position of Risk Manager in February of 2018. We value her dedication, knowledge, and abilities which compliment our diverse management team.

Debbie Holloway
Director Shared Services

Debbie joined Latshaw Drilling in 2006, and brought a wealth of knowledge from SGS-Consumer Products Testing Company. Debbie leads our team responsible for vendor management, logistics and general office administration.  Her dependable skills, leadership capabilities and multi-tasking abilities are valued greatly by our support and operations teams.

Jason Fox
IT Director

Jason’s Latshaw career started in 2011 as a dependable Floorhand on Latshaw Rig 13. As his experience and performance advanced, he earned a promotion to Field Safety Representative. Subsequent advancement in October 2014 provided a new role in Latshaw’s training department as our Training & Development Instructor. This latest advancement to IT Director was a direct recognition of his forward thinking and problem solving abilities combined with IT and communications training at the prestigious Horseshoe Bay Resorts in Texas. We value the talents he brings to our company.

Kathleen Murray
Benefits Manager

Kathleen joined Latshaw Drilling in 2017. She began her career in the arts with marketing, public relations,
media, and film making. Soon after return to her native Oklahoma in 2007, Kathleen began work in the oil and gas sector
as a strategic planner, lead human resources administrator, and project manager. Kathleen has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University. Kathleen will complete her human resources SHRMN-CP certification in 2018.