Latshaw Rig 10

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Continental Emsco C1 Type II 1500HP
704,900# Hoisting Capacity (10) lines,
Driven by (2) GE 752 DC motors
Wichita Air acutuated/water‐cooled 336 disc brake
1‐3/8" WireRope 6 x 19 EIP IWRC
Prime Power
Schlumberger-Omron/ SCR System,
3 Generator Bays, 3 SCR Bays,
3‐Caterpillar 3512B w/ Kato 1365 KW AC Gen Sets
Cold Start air system, primary Rig Air supply, floor hoisting systems
Fuel Capacity 18,000gal & Water Storage Capacity 500bbl
Mast / Substructure
Skytop 142' 1,000,000# Hook load
with 28' Box on Box type
Crown Block 6‐50" Sheaves 1‐3/8" Groove,
Fastline 1‐50" 1‐3/8" Grooved
Rotary load 1,000,000# Set Back 600,000#
Tool Pusher and Crew quarters, rig matting boards
w/Veristic Walking System consisting of 4 hydraulic feet
w/2.4 million lb capacity. Walks w/full rated setback capacity.
Range 150ft x 40ft on x/y axis
Top Drive - Traveling Block - Pipe Handling
Ideco 500 Ton Block
SJPetro 27 1/2" Rotary /Drwks Driven
Varco ST‐ 80 Iron Roughneck and IAT rotating MH
Martin‐Decker Type E, Pump SPM & PSI, Top Drive control,
SCR system controls
Manual Tongs, elevators, slips and clamps for Latshaw supplied DS
Mud Pumps
2 ‐ Lewco WH‐1612 1600HP Triplex
7,500#WP PSI Fluid Ends and delivery system,
Driven by (2) GE 752 DC motors
Church Energy 3,000PSI Accumulator, 180 gal, 6 station w/remote
8‐NOV Max2000 10HP Mud agitators
Mud System
2 ‐ Tank system (1,200bbl Capacity)
2 ‐ National 285P Linear Motion Shale Shakers
NOV Brandt Desander 3‐ 10" Cones w/6 x 8 Centrifugal driven by 100HP Motor
NOV DeSilter 20‐4" Cones w/ 6 x 8 Centrifugal driven by 100HP Mtr
BOP Stack Description
13 5/8" 5,000# Annular
13 5/8" 5,000# Double Ram
Cameron Type FC
3‐1/16" 5,000#WP x 2‐1/16" 5,000#WP Choke Manifold
NOV Brandt D‐1000‐C Degasser
Drill String
8 " and 6‐1/2" Drill Collars
5" Drill Pipe
5" 19.5# G‐105 and S‐135
Heavy weight Drill pipe